Mahesh Mahadik - Secretory of Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha, Sawarde

Mahesh Mahadik​


Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha, Sawarde

As the Secretary of our esteemed Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha, it brings me great pleasure to welcome you to another academic year filled with possibilities, discoveries, and achievements. The field of pharmacy is one of constant evolution, and I am confident that the journey ahead holds numerous opportunities for growth and success.

To our returning pharmacy scholars, welcome back! Your dedication to the pursuit of pharmaceutical knowledge is the heartbeat of our college community. Your contributions, both inside and outside the classrooms and laboratories, inspire us all. To the newcomers, whether you’re entering our Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral programs, a heartfelt welcome! Your presence adds a new dimension to our community, and we are excited to witness your unique perspectives and talents.

Our College of Pharmacy (Poly) stands as a beacon of excellence, where cutting-edge research, rigorous academic programs, and a commitment to community health converge. Our distinguished faculty, renowned for their expertise, are ready to guide and inspire you. The staff, working tirelessly behind the scenes, is dedicated to providing the support you need to thrive.

In the pharmaceutical world, collaboration is key, and I encourage each one of you to engage actively in the opportunities that our college offers. Whether it’s through research projects, industry partnerships, or community outreach, there are countless avenues for you to make a meaningful impact.

As the secretary, my role is to facilitate effective communication, streamline processes, and ensure that our administrative functions support your academic endeavors seamlessly. If you ever have questions, ideas, or simply want to connect, my door is always open.

May this academic year be one of immense learning, professional development, and personal growth. Together, let’s write a chapter of success, innovation, and shared accomplishments in the distinguished history of our College of Pharmacy.

Best wishes for a pharmaceutically promising year!